It’s wild to me that you’re reading this page. But, Hello! I’m Sarah Ryan and I like boats with sails.

I grew up sailing on Long Island. My grandmother would drive me and my cousin William to sailing camp in the summer. I’m not sure that I knew it would be a lifelong passion then but I do now.  I remember buying a sailboat (o’day sprite) off eBay with tarp sails and trying to sail it in the lake at a park near our home in Warrenton, Virginia.

My mother had a sunfish that she got in high school which I inherited after she passed away in addition to my passion for being on the water.  My mother, my best friend, lost her second battle with cancer three years ago.


Losing my mother was the most difficult time in my life. I lived in Charlottesville, Virginia where I felt landlocked and alone. I decided that I had to move somewhere coastal and revive my sailing habit. I packed up and moved to Norfolk, Virginia. Today is over a year and a half later… I have worked at Sail Nauticus since September. I teach sailing at Sail Nauticus Academy which aims to offer a sailing opportunity to all kids who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to sail. Teaching them has taught me more about myself than the wisdom I was able to impart on them. I am forever changed.

In addition to teaching at Sail Nauticus, I had the opportunity to help restore and sail the 122-foot Schooner Virginia.

After college, I had started working in digital marketing. I enjoyed taking photos and sharing them with people. It brought me joy when a photo I took performed really well and when it could spark conversation. After I rekindled my sailing habit, I found I had a lot of beautiful footage and photos that I wanted to share. My mother had been a photographer so I felt really connected to her as my photography skill improved. All of this snowballed into where I am now.

In the next few years, we hope to become better sailors, get out scuba certifications, and hopefully transition to living aboard!